We provide for and are guided by the communities we serve.

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What is Kuumba Collaborative?

Redlining in the City of Albany

Historically redlined neighborhoods in Albany continue to be the most under-resourced and racially segregated communities in the City today.

The Kuumba Collaborative Values:

Community and Wealth Development

Creating opportunities for community and wealth development in neglected communities through cooperative investment and ownership of residential, commercial and special interest properties.


Affordability and Sustainability

Building and refurbishing homes to ensure that they are safe, affordable, sustainable and ecological for residing members of the Kuumba Collaborative.


Respect, Inclusion and Diversity 

We recognize the importance of including, uplifting and amplifying voices that too often go underrepresented in our community. Sustainability is only possible with the inclusion of members that are representative of the diversity that we find in our community. We respect the pathways of life that have brought our members to us and the wisdom that they have gained from their journey.


Sociocratic Governance

We recognize that traditional democracy and bureaucracy don’t work. Instead, we are guided by the principles of sociocracy. In place of a hierarchy, Kuumba is a flat organization with circles created to govern specific domains, working semi-independently from one another to ensure that the organization meets its goals. Decisions regarding policy and practice are made once there are no longer any reasoned arguments and full group consent is given.  Each circle is double-linked to its parent circle, allowing individuals acting as links to function as full members in decision-making of both their circles.



As an organization and as individuals, we hold ourselves responsible for our actions and their impact.



We work to balance the needs of individual members and the needs of the Kuumba Collaborative.



The understanding that the Kuumba Collaborative must be adaptable to the ever-evolving needs of both members and the land we are stewards of.

How You Can Help


The Kuumba Collaborative is a for-profit LLC (Limited Liability Company). Contributions to Kuumba will help us support and grow with the community.


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pilot project

We are working with Christ Church of Albany to build 20-30 units of cooperative housing and adjacent retail space in Albany this year.


More info to come soon!


Thank You to Our Community Partners


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